Neighborhood Watch

Grant Park Neighborhood Watch

Second Request for Neighborhood Watch Block Captains

We had a great response to our first request for Neighborhood Watch Block Captains!  The image to the right shows our current list of volunteers and streets that are covered.  We still need more Block Captains to ensure all streets have one.  

If you're interested in being a Block Captain, please send an email to Michael Connelly at [email protected].  Michael will collect your name and address so we can mark the street off as having a Block Captain.

If you have sent an email to Michael already, please be patient and refrain from sending a second email.  

Michael will send an email to all volunteers in the next 2 weeks that will announce the date of our first Block Captain meeting.  At that meeting we will discuss what the responsibilities are.  It's not going to be a cumbersome job, but we do recommend that you don't mind meeting your neighbors to inform them of the program and to request minimal contact information from them.

For questions and more information, please be at the GPNA Neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, March 15th at 7:30pm in the ARC Building, Zoo Atlanta World Theater - Cherokee Street parking lot.  When you're facing the zoo, park in the back right corner and go through the gates in the back right corner of the parking lot.

Plan of action:

  • Recruit neighbors to volunteer to be Block Captains.  The goal is to have a Block Captain for each street where it makes sense. 
  • Have a Block Captain meeting to learn our roles and responsibilities.
  • Block Captains introduce themselves to their neighbors and collect relevant contact information with which to contact their neighbors regarding important safety information.
  • Have fun with this!  We'll get to know our neighbors better through a shared interest in safety, block parties, or whatever creative ideas we come up with.