City Sidewalk Information

Sidewalks Are the Responsibility of the Homeowner

Please refer to this section to understand the City of Atlanta sidewalk laws.

City of Atlanta Sidewalk Ordinance

Specific information regarding repairs:

Section 138-103 Inspection and Repair of Sidewalks

The commissioner of public works is authorized to inspect the sidewalks along pulic right-of-way, to see that the sidewalks thereon are in a safe and suitable condition for public use and travel, to condemn promptly pavements on such sidewalks that are unsafe or unsuitable for public travel, and to cause repairs to be made in accordance with city law and to charge the cost of the repair to the abutting property owner.

If you are prepared to pay for repairs:
Contact City of Atlanta, Department of Public Works
Phone: 404.330.6333
E-mail: [email protected]

Please be aware that reporting sidewalk repairs that are not in front of your own property could result in financial hardship for your neighbors.

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