21 Day Purification Cleanse for the New Year

The Cafe of Life Grant Park is hosting a New Year cleanse for better health

The Cafe of Life hosts a 21 Day Cleanse. This has worked great to reduce cholesterol naturally, decrease blood pressure and lose fat; it works to cleanse the liver, kidneys and intestines. People have experienced clearer skin, increased energy, weight loss and better sleep while on this cleanse.

This is a WHOLE FOOD Cleanse, so there is nothing artificial involved. The supplements used are 100%whole food sources, combined with a specified whole food diet including fruits, vegetables, rice, specific oils and spices. You can add fish or chicken during the last half of the cleanse as well.

The investment is $225 and includes your supplements for the 21 Days and 5 yoga sessions at the Cafe of Life.

We will start on January 9, 2012-- but need your pre-paid commitment by JAN 3, 2012!

You can call us at 404.917.4992 for more information or come by and pick up a booklet with all of the information available.

In Health,
April Warhola, Chiropractor