"3 Core Services in One Day 4 our Customers"


City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Solid Waste 3 n 1

3 Core Services in 1 Day 4 Our Customers”

Southeast Atlanta's Day is Tuesday


Frequently Asked Questions

The Department of Public Works continues to improve on our service delivery. Effective August 1, 2011, we will begin citywide quadrant based weekly collection service for household garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings. Three core services in one day concentrated in the NW, NE, SW, and SE quadrants of the city.

1. Why the change?
We recognize that change is critical to our survival in order to meet the expressed needs of our customer in a more energy efficient and cost effective way.  The new 3 n 1 system will allow the City to address issues such as:

  • unbalanced route size and configuration
  • bulk waste collection challenges
  • residential street sweeping, and
  • lack of education and enforcement capabilities

2. What are the benefits to making a change in collections?
The new 3 n 1 collection service will allow for:

  • concentrated efforts in a given area
  • reduced carbon emissions
  • reduced missed collections, and
  • no additional cost to customers.

3. Will there be any additional services effective August 1, 2011?
3 n 1 will also provide for additional services such as scheduled residential street sweeping, bulk waste pick-up, and concentrated solid waste education and enforcement.

4. Will all services continue to be collected on the same day?
Household garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings will continue to be collected weekly on the same day.
5. How will customers be notified of their new collection day?
In addition to public notification via media announcement and public meetings, notification is being directly delivered to residential customers via: 
  • Hanger notices on Herbies
  •  Postcard mailer
  • July & August water bills, and
  • Reminder phone call on July 31, 2011

6. If I live on a street that is defined as a boundary how do I know what my new collection day is?
The customer’s collection day is defined by the quadrant their address resides in, i.e. NW, NE, SE or SW.

7. Will backyard customers be impacted by the change?
Backyard collections will not change until January 2012.  January 2012 backyard pick up customers will receive service the same as regular pick up customers per the posted scheduled.

8. How will bulk waste be handled?
Effective August 1, 2011 you will no longer have to call Public Works to request bulk waste pick up.  We will collect bulk items once per month within each quadrant of the City as follows:

  • Northeast – 1st Monday of the 1st week of each month
  • Southeast – 2nd Monday of the 2nd week of each month
  • Southwest – 3rd Monday of the 3rd week of each month
  • Northwest – 4th Monday of the 4th week of each month

This schedule is a guide to show the starting date per quadrant. We will work in each quadrant until streets are completed. We will post notices at neighborhood entrances prior to pick up.
When there is a 5th week in a given month, that time will be used to recheck areas throughout the city where bulk collection may have been delayed due to weather or resource issues.

9. Is there a fee for bulk waste pick-up?
Currently there is not a fee for bulk waste pickup.  This is a service that is included in the overall Solid Waste bill.  However, Public Works will be seeking legislation in the near future to implement a special service fee for bulk pick up requests beyond the established once per month pick up schedule. Until the new service fee is  implemented, we encourage customers to use the defined pick up schedule.

10. What are the guidelines for bulk waste pick-up? 

  • Bulk waste refers to materials with a total weight, volume and/or size too large for the City’s residential garbage collection trucks to remove. This includes items such as appliances, large furniture, large piles of tree branches, large metal or wooden playground equipment, or similar items. 
  • Yard trimmings in excess of piles 4 ft in length and 6 inches in diameter are considered as a bulk waste pick up and will not be picked up on the scheduled pick up day for household garbage and recycling. Bulk yard trimming will be picked up per the posted bulk pick up scheduled described above.
  • As a result of the new Solid Waste 3N1 service initiative, bulk items will be picked once per month per the posted bulk pick up scheduled described above. 
  • Place all items scheduled for pick up at the curb on the Sunday of the scheduled per the posted bulk pick up scheduled described above.

11. How will residential street sweeping be scheduled?
Residential street sweeping will be done by quadrant of the city, allowing for residential streets to be swept four times per year as follows for the remainder of calendar year 2011:

  • Northeast – August
  • Southeast – September
  • Southwest – October
  • Northwest - November

The rotation will continue as follows December 2011 through 2012:

  • Northeast – December 2011
  • Southeast – January 2012
  • Southwest – February 2012
  • Northwest – March 2012
  • Northeast – April 2012
  • Southeast – May 2012
  • Southwest – June 2012
  • Northwest – July 2012
  • Northeast – August 2012
  • Southeast – September 2012
  • Southwest – October 2012
  • Northwest – November 2012

This rotation will continue unless otherwise noted. Signs will be posted at neighborhood entrances and a schedule will be posted online.
Please visit our website for updates: http://www.atlantaga.gov/government/publicworks/SWS3n1.aspx.

12. Will there be any parking restrictions to accommodate street sweeping?
Street sweeping in residential areas will occur during day time hours.  “No Parking” notices will be posted 72 hours prior to the sweeping day.  The “No Parking” notices will include the day, date, and time for the sweeping service.

13. Will right of way cutting and de-littering be scheduled the same as 3 n 1?
Right of way cutting operates on a separate schedule.  For more information, please visit: http://www.atlantaga.gov/government/publicworks/solidwaste_110507.aspx

14.  How will the new Solid Waste 3n1 impact the holiday service schedule?

  • MLK, Jr., Day, Next day pick-up      
  • Memorial Day, Next day pick-up     
  • Independence Day, Next day pick-up
  • Labor Day, Next day pick-up            
  • Veterans Day, No Change to Service - Regular Collections
  • Thanksgiving, No Change to Service - Regular Collections 
  • Christmas Day, No Change to Service - Regular Collections
  • New Years Day, No Change to Service - Regular Collections

Holidays that fall on Monday will delay all pickups for that week by one day. Holidays that fall on Friday, Saturday or Sunday do not impact regularly schedule pick up days. Collection continues on the customer’s regularly scheduled pick up day.

For more information, please visit:
City of Atlanta Department of Public Works Office of Solid Waste Services Phone: (404) 330-6333 - Email: public [email protected] Website: http://www.atlantaga.gov/government/publicworks/SWS3n1.aspx