Originally formed to spearhead the successful effort to qualify the Grant Park neighborhood for historic district status, the GPNA Historic Committee now focuses on collecting and preserving as much of the past as possible.

Regular monthly meetings are held to coordinate and carry out a variety of projects and promotions. Ongoing projects include an oral history program where former and long-time residents of the neighborhood are interviewed about their recollections of life in Grant Park. The oral archives is growing and provides a valuable insight into the social and cultural fabric of the past.

The committee has documented many historic features in Grant Park itself, has been collecting photos and other memorabilia of the past, and is working toward the eventual publication of a book on the history of the neighborhood. Since 2002, the committee has published an attractive wall calendar featuring historic postcards and photos from the neighborhood, which has long been a popular recreation and tourist destination.

The GPNA Historic Committee provides an annual workshop in May to teach homeowners how to research the history of their homes. Featuring expert presenters, the workshop has helped many local homeowners track down and document the details of their historic homes. Other committee projects include the ongoing collection of ghost stories and neighborhood legends, and the 2003 Neighborhood Homecoming which attracted many former residents who brought their stories and old photos to share.

The GPNA Historic Committee is open to any volunteer who shares an interest for history and wants to be involved in preserving and promoting the proud past of Atlanta's largest historic district. Meetings are always open and visitors are welcome.