If you want to do some quick and easy research on the history of your
home and property, you can now access Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
online! The Digital Library of Georgia has recently posted Sanborn maps
for Georgia Towns and Cities (including Atlanta) for 1884-1922. The
digital collection consists of 4,445 maps by the Sanborn Map Company
depicting commercial, industrial, and residential areas. The maps were
created as a record of property details that could be used to calculate
insurance losses in case of fire or natural disaster.

Sanborn maps are color coded and show numerous details such as number of
stories, building materials, placement and existence of out-buildings,
building configuration and other details. For instance, a Sanborn map
for one block of Rosalia Street shows horse stables in several
backyards, tin-roofed back porches, a brick oven and "Bake Shop" in one
backyard, and even the site of an old store which has long been lost to
memory. You might discover the existence and location of a former porch
on your own house, or find the original configuration of your house
before more modern additions and renovations. The website is easy to
navigate and works much like Mapquest or other mapping sites.

The Sanborn Maps database is a project of the Digital Library of Georgia
as part of Georgia HomePLACE. The project is supported with federal LSTA
funds administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services
through the Georgia Public Library Service, a unit of the Board of
Regents of the University System of Georgia. The maps represented are
from the University of Georgia Libraries Map Collection. Visit the site