St. Paul United Methodist Church stands ready to house 50 or more families in the gym upstairs. Originally anticipated to arrive Saturday, families of patients at Grady hospital are now anticipated to arrive after processing Friday or Saturday.

We are fully stocked right now. The response from the community has been overwhelming!! We are being told daily to expect guests but so far they've not arrived. Other than monetary donations, we would prefer that folks check back with us on Friday, September 9 to see if things have changed. We anticipate that once guests start arriving and our supplies dwindle, we will need more "stuff". We have run out of storage space in St. Paul and are storing the overflow at Park Ave. Baptist. Thanks so much for keeping in touch.

Beds provided by neighborhood residents and church members stand ready for the arrival of families of patients moved to Grady Hospital following Hurricane Katrina. Processing has slowed the arrival, originally anticipated for Saturday.

St. Paul United Methodist Church will house, feed, clothe, and care for families who have loved ones in Grady. Rev. Susannah Davis expects about 50 people. The church will house people in the gym upstairs, using the facilities on the 2nd and 3rd floor. They'll be cooking in the kitchen and making this place "home" for the guests that will be with them.

So, we've got quite an opportunity ahead of us. St. Paul needs volunteers from our neighborhood to greet, cook, serve, listen, chaperone, babysit, clean, drive, etc. as people begin to show up.

We are fully stocked right now, but may need more supplies in the coming weeks. Please check back at a later date to see if more supplies are needed. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated.

Here are some contacts:

Deb Burns: [email protected]. Deb is in charge of food.

Becky Wellman: [email protected]. Becky is in charge of bedding.

Lisa Roberson: [email protected]. Lisa is in charge of toiletries.

Susannah Davis: [email protected]. Susannah is in charge of onsite volunteers. St. Paul will probably need folks beginning sometime tomorrow.

Visit the St. Paul website for additional information.
The gym is divided into three sleeping areas.