311 agents are City of Atlanta employees and received extensive training as well as work hand and hand with APD on responses to calls. If 311 – Supportive Services team receives an emergency and/or crisis call, they would transfer the call immediately to 911. The entire 311 call center does not take PAD referrals there is a special team dedicated for all Supportive Services referrals which include PAD referrals. 

The non-emergency quality of life concerns that are eligible for community referrals are below: 
  1. Disturbance (such as someone yelling outside a business or blocking traffic) 
  2. Welfare (such as someone asking for food or help) 
  3. Mental Health (such as someone who appears disoriented, erratic, or is talking to themselves) 
  4. Basic Needs (such as someone in need of shelter and sleeping outside) 
  5. Substance Use (drugs, OTC medication and/or alcohol abuse) 
  6. Public Health (such as defecating and/or urinating on the street or eating out of the trash can) 
  7. Public Indecency (such as bathing in public restrooms or sexual activity in a public place) 
Additionally, APD continues to train officers on de-escalation, CIT, and other forms of mediation.