Call to Order–7:30 p.m.

President’s Introduction

Approval of the January 2020 minutes

Unfinished Business


Special Orders

Item One – Vote on President’s selection of members to fill vacant positions

Audra Cunningham – Vice President
Catherine Manci- Secretary
Eliza Adams- Fundraising

Item Two – President’s announcement of Bylaws & Rules Committee and proposal of Committee Chair

Proposal only, vote during March 17th meeting to confirm Committee Chair

Item Three – Public Safety

Information only, no vote required

Item Four – Proposed 25 MPH Citywide Initiative

Vote Required to submit to NPU-W

Item Five – Grant Park Gateway Restaurant RFP Meeting

Information only, no vote required

Item Six – Paul Simo’s Tip of the Month

Information only, no vote required

New Business

Recognition of New Residents and Businesses

Adjournment–8:30 p.m.