Housekeeping & Meeting Conduct

  • Welcome to the January 2015 meeting of the Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA). The GPNA meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 
  • pm in the Coca-Cola World Studio of the Activity Resource Center (ARC) building at Zoo Atlanta. Enter through the C5 gate located at the SE corner of the Cherokee Ave parking lots for Zoo Atlanta.
  • To be eligible to vote, you must attend one (1) GPNA meeting, register, be 18 years or older, and reside in Grant Park. You are then eligible to vote from your second meeting forward as long as you remain a resident. All neighbors eligible to vote can make motions and second them.
  • Please: reserve comments not directly related to the agenda items for Open Floor, take conversations into the lobby, and utilize the acronym sheet/map to follow along effectively.
  • Let neighbors know you’re at this meeting by checking in to: FourSquare, Facebook, etc.
Call to Order – 7:30pm 
Officer Reports
  • Thanks to Zoo Atlanta for the use of their space!
  • Welcome new members: profession; hobby; burning question?
  • January 2015 highlights
  • Education: Leslie Grant: ABOE District 1 Rep; Richard Quartarone: SEACS Update
  • Grant Park Conservancy Update
  • Holly Wilhelm: GPPN Update
  • Please check in. Please sign in you're a new member.  
  • Committee Sign-up Sheet; Committee Chair contact info on left
Secretary Treasurer - Updated Treasurer's Report

Committee Reports
Public Safety
  • Public officials/neighborhood update
    • Zone 6 APD update
    • Zone 6 Community Prosecutor: Keith Lamar, keith[email protected], 404 612-7012
  • Zone 6 Holiday Party for Kids grant for toys update
  • Holiday Patrol update
  • Brad Nevin: Grant Park Neighborhood Watch update
  • Committee Update
  • Nicholas House Request
Economic Development
  • Meeting structure 
 Land Use and Zoning
  • New committee meeting time
  • Cherokee Lots modifications vote
  • Meeting time & call for members
  • Tip of the month
  • Grant Park Historic Designations
  • Hoke Smith Field House: GPNA Official Position Vote
  • New Certificates of Appropriateness (COAs)
  • Mothball and Tour of Homes Volunteers
  • Paul Simo & Abbi Rabeneck: Tour of Homes Update
Technology – No report

New Business/Open Floor

Adjourn – 8:30pm
Upcoming Meetings:
  • Transportation Committee: Thursday, 02/05/15, 6:30pm, Zoo Atlanta, ARC Bldg, T Lab
  • Land Use & Zoning Committee: Thursday, 02/05/15, 7:30pm, Zoo Atlanta, ARC Bldg, T Lab
  • Historic Committee: Monday, 02/16/15, 7pm, Atlanta Preservation Center
  • GPNA: 02/17/15, 7:30pm, Zoo Atlanta ARC Bldg, Coca-Cola World Studio
  • Economic Development & Fundraising: Monday, 01/26/15, 7pm, Café of Life Chiropractic
  • Technology Committee: Monday, 01/26/15, 8pm, Dakota Blue
  • Public Safety Committee: Wednesday, 01/28/15, 6:30pm, Eastside UMC Church
  • NPU-W Meeting: Wednesday, 01/28/15, 7:30pm, Eastside UMC Church
 General Info:
  • When contacting police: Dial 911 FIRST; call the Zone 6 precinct second at 404.371.5002.
  • To report City service related issues dial 311.
  • Join the Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP) and help fund patrol hours: www.grantparksecuritypatrol.org
  • Submit articles for publication in The Porch Press | Email Word format documents to [email protected] or call 678.849.7307. 
  • Tax deductible Sunburst for your home: $50.00 | Purchase: www.gpna.org/sunburst
  • Like us on Facebook (QR Code); Twitter @GrantParkGPNA
  • Create account at www.gpna.org to receive neighborhood news and security alerts
  • Local Business Directory: www.gpna.org/directory/partners
Grant Park Neighborhood Association’s Mission:
Preserving History. Embracing Diversity. Building Community.