Programs at a Glance:

1. After School Training and Education:
Soccer All Stars" organization offer the following services as a supplementary program to all interested and potential players to ensure complete on and off the field soccer development on a daily/weekly basis throughout the 2015 school season:
  • Daily pick up/drop of (transfer) from/to Decatur City Schools with our Soccer All Stars Bus*
  • On field training sessions at Boulevard Crossing Field (1.5 Miles from our Center in Grant Park)
  • Off -field sessions (audio/visual reviews) at our Center to further enhance soccer vision and perspective
  • Player evaluation every 4 weeks to gauge progress and target key performance areas based on needs
  • Healthy snacks/refreshments to ensure healthy development while maximize nutrition concept
  • Homework time and assistance
  • Monthly Guest Speakers focusing sports and growth enhancing topics (i.e. nutrition, injury prevention)
  • Frequent Skype calls with potential soccer individuals (players, coaches, etc.)
  • Separate boys and girls changing rooms with lockers for personal belongings
  • Monthly FUNdays and more...
In a nut shell, this is a complete soccer training program where each individual may attend on a daily or weekly basis after their school hours to maximize their soccer development. Soccer All Stars facility has all the amenities such as separate changing rooms and individual lockers that kids may utilize while enjoying the program in a safe and controlled environment with supervision at all times.

2. Initial Stage - FUNtivitiy:
Focusing on very young players from 5 to 8 years of age who love to play.
  • Players must spend the maximum time possible in contact with the ball and experiment by themselves.
  • For the first time the player has to build a relationship with other players. Give different responsibilities to the players in order to develop a sense of team.
  • Basic motor skills like walking, running or jumping have to be combined with ball handling and ball control.
3. Basic Stage - Youthbol:
Focusing on Pre-pubescent players from age 9 to 12 years who have the ability to learn additional components of the game and should still be continuously encouraged to love the game.
  • This is the right age to work on specific soccer techniques and skills. Developing good technique is essential at this age.
  • 1v1 and 2v1 attacking and defending situations are important to develop individual skills as well as the passing techniques to develop the necessary team game.
  • Use small-sided games to develop basic attacking and defensive principles. Other important aspects of tactical training are possession, combination play, transition and finishing in the final third, as well as zonal defending. Players will rotate in two or three different positions to avoid early specialization.
  • Speed, coordination, balance and agility are the main physical aspects to improve at this stage.
4. Intermediate Stage:
Focusing on 13 and 14 year old players
  • At this stage, training sessions are orientated more toward tactics and the playerwill practice in bigger spaces. Players must practice all different types of techniques at this stage.
  • Strength and endurance should be part of the fitness training. Coaching methods have to consider and preserve players’ health since they will be experiencing many changes due to puberty at this stage. Warm-ups and cool downs are essential as is dynamic flexibility.
  • Players must develop discipline at this stage by following the instructions of the coach both during and outside training sessions.
5. Advanced Stage:
Focusing on 15 to 18 year old players
  • Tactical training and small-sided games are an essential part of the training at this stage. Attacking and defending principles must be part of all games. Important aspects of the tactical training are speed of play, quick transition, counter attacking and finishing in the final third, as well as pressing.
  • Technique will focus on speed and accuracy. Passing and finishing are two of the main techniques emphasized at this stage. Part of the technical training will be position-specific (e.g. defender: passing, center midfield players: receiving to turn and strikers: finishing).
  • The physical aspect of the game is key at this stage: endurance, strength and speed will be part of the weekly training routine.
  • Players should be expected to show commitment to the team, concentration in training sessions and competitiveness during the game


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