Grant Park Neighborhood Association Bylaws

(Revised 2020)

Article I – NAME

1.01 The name of this organization – a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Georgia and Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code – shall be the GRANT PARK NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION, INC. [hereinafter referred to as the Association].

Article II – OFFICES

2.01 The principal office of the Association shall be located in the residence of the President. The Association may have such other offices from time to time may be required.


3.01 Regular membership meetings of the Association shall be held on the third Tuesday of each month, at a time and location selected by the membership of the Association.

3.02 The annual election meeting of the Association shall be held with the regular membership meeting in November, and shall be for the purpose of electing Association officers and committee chairpersons, receiving reports of officers and committees, and conducting any other business that may arise.

3.03 Special meetings may be called by the President or the Steering Committee of the Association. Except in exigent circumstances, at least three (3) days notice of any special meeting shall be given to the membership.

3.04 Unless otherwise provided herein, a posted or printed notice stating the date, time, and place of the regular membership meeting shall be published not less than seven calendar days before the date of each meeting. Publication of meeting notices on the Association’s website and in “The Porch Press” fulfills the requirements of this Section and Section 3.03, and will be the ordinary means of such notice.

3.05 Should a physical meeting not be possible or practical, the President may convene any of the meetings described in Article III either online or via teleconference, provided the notices required under Section 3.04 are given.


4.01 Residential Membership in the Association shall be limited to individuals who (1) are at least 18 years of age, (2) reside in the Grant Park neighborhood, as defined by the City of Atlanta in its delimitation of the geographic scope of Neighborhood Planning Unit W, and (3) are registered on the official membership roll.

4.02 Business and Non-Profit Memberships [hereinafter referred to as the Business(es)] in the
Association shall be limited to (1) businesses located within Grant Park neighborhood as defined by the
City of Atlanta and its delimitation of the geographic scope of Neighborhood Planning Unit W, (2) one individual of that business who is a representative of that business, and (3) is registered on the official membership roll.

4.03 To be considered for membership, individuals must register by providing complete and accurate information on the member sign-in sheet available at regular membership meetings of the Association. The Vice-President of the Association shall record any new member on the official membership roll, upon verification of eligibility under Section 4.01 and/or 4.02.

4.04 Membership in the Association is obtained following attendance of one regular membership meeting, assuming both the membership requirements of Section 4.01 and/or 4.02 and the registration requirements of Section 4.03 are met. Voting privileges are obtained by a member upon attendance at their second regular membership meeting.

4.05 Any member may resign by notifying the Vice-President of said intent.

4.06 The Association does not discriminate in its membership on the basis of age, race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin or citizenship status of the individual member.

4.07 Membership is automatically revoked when a member’s primary residence or business ceases to be in the Grant Park neighborhood, as defined in Section 4.01 and/or 4.02.

4.08 In no event shall any person be eligible for more than one membership vote.

Article V – OFFICERS

5.01 The officers of the Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers shall perform their duties to the best of their ability, and as prescribed in these bylaws.

5.02 Functions of Officers 
a. The President shall preside at the regular membership meetings, special meetings, and Steering Committee meetings, and shall perform all administrative duties required by the office. The President shall be designated the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and recorded as such with the Georgia Secretary of State in accordance with Georgia law. The President shall be designated a signatory for any financial transaction, check or other document required and authorized by the Association, with the consent of the Treasurer. The President shall act as or appoint liaisons for communicating with other neighborhood organizations and elected officials for the purpose of conveying information for updates relevant to Grant Park to provide at the regular membership meeting. The President shall act as or appoint a liaison for communicating an education update at the regular membership meeting inclusive of all Grant Park schools and education related issues or events. Liaisons appointed by the President are not Steering Committee members.
b. The Vice-President shall assist the President in his or her duties, preside over meetings at which the President is not in attendance, maintain the official membership roll, serve as chair of any committee responsible to review and propose changes to these bylaws, and encourage membership and participation in the Association.
c. The Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes and both incoming and outgoing correspondence of regular membership meetings, special meetings, and correspondence of the office of the President. This includes the taking or collection, preparation, publication, and retention of all minutes and correspondence. Minutes for a particular meeting will be made available for the next scheduled meeting of the same variety, and shall be posted on the Association’s website and published in “The Porch Press.” Any member may request to see the minutes and correspondence records of the Association upon ten (10) business days notice to the Secretary.
d. The Treasurer shall keep all financial records, receive all monies, sign all disbursements, and recommend action concerning the Association’s financial affairs to the membership. The Treasurer shall be responsible for monitoring budgetary limits on disbursements, and reporting receipts and disbursements by each committee at each regular membership meeting as part of the Treasurer’s report. The Treasurer is not authorized to disburse any funds on behalf of any committee chair or any officer in excess of the approved budget for that office. (2) The Treasurer shall also be responsible for the annual filing any and all necessary forms with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Georgia Department of Revenue, and for renewing the Association’s annual registration with the Secretary of State of Georgia. The Treasurer shall also ensure that adequate and proper insurance is obtained and in force to protect the Association and its officers from any claim of misfeasance, negligence or other misdeed. (3) The Treasurer shall be authorized to transact any business with any financial institution in which the Association deposits funds in its control, to sign checks or other financial instruments on behalf of the Association, and to conduct such other financial business of the Association as directed by the Membership. (4) The Treasurer is authorized to accept payments, contributions or donations on behalf of any associated organization, entity or committee. Any such payment, contribution or donation shall be maintained in a separate account and such funds shall not be used for any other obligation or general operating expense of the Association.

5.03 Nominations for officers and committee chairpersons may be made at the regular membership meetings in September and October. No further nominations will be accepted after the October meeting adjourns. The election of officers and committee chairs will be held at the November meeting. The terms of officers and chairpersons will run from January 1 to December 31 of the following year.

5.04 On the night of the election, no campaigning for any office shall occur within the building where the annual election meeting is to be held nor shall any campaigning be allowed in the parking lot for that building.

5.05 Officers and chairpersons must be members of the Association, with eligibility to vote. Officers and chairpersons shall be elected by secret paper ballot, at the annual election meeting, to serve one year or until their successors have been elected.

5.06 The President may select a member to fill any unfilled or vacated officer or chairperson position, the appointment must be ratified by a simple majority vote of the Members present at the next general meeting of the Association where the recommendation for the replacement is proposed by the President. The term for appointment shall begin upon ratification and end at the end of the calendar year.


6.01 The standing committees of the Association shall be as follows: Economic Development, Fundraising, Homes and History, Land Use and Zoning, Transportation, Philanthropic, Public Safety and Technology and Communication.

6.02 The responsibilities of each of the standing committees shall include, but not be limited to, the following: 
a. Economic Development: Work to enhance the overall economic potential of the Grant Park neighborhood. Encourage and assist businesses to locate within the Grant Park neighborhood. Encourage businesses in the Grant Park neighborhood to participate in the work of the Association.
b. Fundraising: Organize events to meet the Association’s fundraising goals. Act as liaison between the Association and other neighborhood organizations’ fundraising events.
c. Homes and History: Encourage the preservation and restoration of historical aspects of the neighborhood, collect and maintain neighborhood history, and perform a yearly review and update (as necessary) of the Grant Park Historic guidelines and regulations as well as National Historic designation. Keep the Association’s membership informed of Atlanta Historic Preservation Studio hearings and decisions relevant to the Grant Park neighborhood. Act as a liaison between the Association and the Atlanta Historic Preservation Studio regarding historic regulations, Certificates of Appropriateness (COA) and compliance matters. Provide information to the City of Atlanta Planning staff and Atlanta Historic Preservation Studio regarding association votes on each certificate of appropriateness application recognized by the committee for consideration.
d. Land Use and Zoning: Provide information to Grant Park neighborhood residents related to applicability of zoning regulations to alterations and/or construction proposals, as well as to re-zoning, variance, and sub-division applications, and to special use permits. Coordinate with the NPU-W Land Use and Zoning Committee Chairperson, to ensure effective pursuit of the Association’s land use or zoning interests. Monitor and enforce the Association’s rules and policies related to development, zoning, and modifications or changes to existing structures. Provide information to the City of Atlanta regarding Association votes on each land use and zoning application forwarded to the committee for consideration.
e. Transportation: Work to improve motorized and non-motorized transportation in the Grant Park neighborhood. Identify and submit recommendations to the Association’s membership regarding transit and transportation safety issues. Promote the effective use of transit in the Grant Park neighborhood.
f. Philanthropic Committee: Works to identify and develop causes, events or entities (consistent with the 501(c)(3) status of the Association) within Southeast Atlanta which the Association may support by grants, donations, labor, or other contributions. Provide education and information to the Membership about such programs or opportunities. Apprise appropriate news or media outlets of the Association’s support and involvement in the larger community.
g. Public Safety: (1) Work as liaison between the Association and the city public safety departments (e.g., Police; Fire; Corrections, Community Prosecutors). Keep the Association’s membership informed of public safety issues in the Grant Park neighborhood. Consistent with positions voted upon by the Association, advocate on behalf of the Association in municipal and county courts, probation and parole hearings, and proceedings involving pardons. Pursue coordinated solutions to shared concerns with adjoining neighborhoods, including through monthly meetings with NPU-W joint neighborhood group and NPU-W public safety committee. (2) The Neighborhood Watch Program shall be a standing subcommittee of the Public Safety Committee and shall consist of all Block Captains of the Neighborhood Watch and the Chair of the Neighborhood Watch program. (3) The Public Safety Committee shall also have authority and direction over the Grant Park Security Patrol (GPSP). GPSP is a voluntary, dues funded program in which all monies collected are used to hire off-duty police officers to patrol the neighborhood, provide welfare checks and to check on members’ homes during hours designated by the Committee. Any and all funds collected by the Security Patrol are subject to Paragraph 5.02(d)(4) regarding separate maintenance and reporting and ineligibility for any other purpose than paying officers as part of the Security Patrol. (This provision shall only be effective upon an affirmative vote of the Membership and of the Grant Park Security Patrol, Inc. to merge and become a single entity.)
h. Technology and Communication: Oversee technology and communications including Social Media, Website hosting and content, Email, Distribution List and Communications (in coordination and on behalf of other committee/community members), Meeting Attendance Tracking/Technology, and GSuite Administration. Ultimately work to make the Association more efficient and the neighborhood a better place to live through the use of technology and communication and being a resource to other committee members to assist with their technology and communication needed to perform their deliverables.

6.03 Each standing committee shall be composed of an elected chairperson and volunteer members of the Association, unless otherwise prescribed by the Association. Each committee chair is authorized to appoint a vice chair from among the Committee’s members who may have such powers or authority as delegated by the Committee Chairman or the Committee. The chairperson of each standing committee is responsible for maintaining records of all correspondence, all recommendations to the Association, and for the transfer of records to their successor. A copy of all correspondence and agreements shall be made available to the Secretary of the Association. A quorum of three members of the association, excluding members with those who have a direct interest in the voting matter, is required in order to hold committee meetings.

6.04 Each officer elect and chair elect, working in conjunction with the outgoing officer or committee chair shall develop and present to the Association an annual action plan and itemized budget. This action plan and itemized budget shall be presented at the February Steering Committee meeting and the subsequent regular membership meeting, for review and acceptance. A preliminary action plan and itemized budget shall be distributed or posted by January, for membership review and comment. No Committee is authorized to spend money of the Association in excess of budgeted amounts without a specific vote of the membership authorizing the expenditure.

6.05 Each standing committee shall represent the position of the Association before appropriate organizations and shall provide such reports to the Association on its progress and activities at the regular membership meetings. Where there exists a counterpart committee of the NPU-W, standing committees of the Association are expected to coordinate their efforts with such NPU-W committees.

6.06 Each chairperson of each standing committee shall manage the business affairs of the committee, call regular monthly meetings of the committee, and adopt such policies, rules, and regulations as may be necessary for the conduct of its business and meetings, and its efficient operation, consistent with these bylaws and the laws of the State of Georgia. No chairperson of any committee, nor any committee, may represent to any person, corporation, or other entity that it represents the wishes or policy of the Association unless the membership of the Association shall have approved such action by majority vote at a regular or special meeting of the membership.

6.07 Each officer of the Association and chairperson of each standing committee shall report any proposed business to the Steering Committee prior to such business being presented to the membership of the Association at any regular or special meeting of the Membership.

6.08 Ad hoc committees and their chairpersons shall be appointed by the President, as deemed necessary, utilizing the process in Section 5.05 for the filling of vacancies.


7.01 The officers of the Association and the Chairperson of each standing committee shall constitute the Steering Committee.

7.02 The Steering Committee shall manage the business affairs of the Association in accordance with these bylaws and the votes of the Membership, call special meetings of the membership, and adopt such policies, rules, and regulations as may be necessary for the conduct of its meetings and the efficient operation of the Association.

7.03 Regular meetings of the Steering Committee shall be held at a time and location established by the Steering Committee. Printed notice in “The Porch Press,” and an announcement on the Association’s website as well as an email to the association’s membership distribution list, stating the date, time, and place of regular Steering Committee meetings, shall be published no less than seven (7) days before the date of each meeting. Special meetings of the Steering Committee may be called by the President. Except in exigent circumstances, at least three (3) days notice of any such meeting shall be given to the Association’s membership. Steering Committee meetings shall be open to Association members for observation.

7.04 At any meeting, a simple majority of the Steering Committee shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.

7.05 DISCIPLINE The failure of any steering committee member to attend three (3) consecutive general GPNA meetings or steering committee meetings within a six (6) month period shall result in automatic removal of the member for the remainder of their term, unless the absence is excused in advance by the presiding officer of the meeting in question.

7.06 CONFLICTS OF INTEREST All elected members shall reveal conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest shall be defined as when the person acting will receive a personal or monetary benefit from the outcome of the issue being considered. If a member has a conflict of interest relative to an issue being discussed, that member shall disclose the conflict of interest to the body and recuse themselves from the application, discussion, and votes involving a conflict of interest.  


8.01 The membership of the Association by majority vote may authorize any officer or agent to enter into any contract or execute and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the Association. Such authority may be general or confined to specific instances.

8.02 No loans shall be contracted by the Association and no evidence of indebtedness shall be issued in its name, unless authorized by a resolution of the Steering Committee and approved by the Association’s membership. Such authority may be general or confined to specific instances.

8.03 All checks, drafts, notes, other orders for the payment of money, or other forms of indebtedness issued in the name of the Association shall be signed by the Treasurer. If the Treasurer is unavailable or unable to execute or sign required documents, the President shall execute such document as Chief Executive Officer.

8.04 All funds of the Association shall be deposited from time to time, to the credit of the Association, in such banks, trust companies, or other depositories as the Steering Committee, and as approved by the membership, may select.

Article IX – REMOVAL

9.01 Any member, chairperson, or officer may be suspended or removed from office or from the official membership roll for cause, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Association membership in attendance at a regular membership meeting, provided that such cause must have been presented as a resolution to impeach at the regular membership meeting immediately prior to the meeting at which the vote occurs.

9.02 The order of succession will be President, Vice-President, Secretary and then Treasurer.


10.01 A special committee of the Membership of the Association shall be created every five (5) years (beginning 2011) for purposes of reviewing and proposing amendments to these bylaws. Pursuant to Section 5.02(b) above the chairperson of this committee shall be the Association Vice President. Any member of the Association is eligible to serve on this special committee.

10.02 The report of the special committee shall be made to the Membership at a regular meeting.

10.03 These bylaws may be amended at any regular membership meeting of the Association, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Association members in attendance, provided that such amendment or amendments have been presented in writing to the Association at the regular membership meeting immediately prior to the meeting at which the vote occurs.


11.01 The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on the first (1st) day of January each year.

Article XII – SEAL

12.01 The Steering Committee shall provide a seal which shall be circular in form and shall have inscribed thereon the name of the Association, the state of organization, and the words “Corporate Seal.”


13.01 The rules contained Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief, Second Edition, shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable.


14.01 These bylaws shall be effective upon adoption, in accordance with Article X.

Atlanta, GA 30312 
Fulton County
Atlanta, GA 30312
Fulton County