Grant Park Neighborhood Association Mission Statement

Preserve the HISTORIC legacy of our Grant Park neighborhood;
Promote the diversity of our Grant Park neighborhood TODAY;
Protect the greenspaces of our Grant Park neighborhood for FUTURE generations to enjoy.

About the Grant Park Neighborhood Association

The Association to Revive Grant Park (ARGP) began in 1973 for neighbors to help realize the potential of our historic in-town neighborhood. The association’s purpose was to help preserve and promote Grant Park as a viable community. In 1975, ARGP was incorporated as a non-profit organization, and in the late 1980's the name was changed to the Grant Park Neighborhood Association (GPNA).
Today, GPNA brings together residents of Grant Park who are interested in promoting, protecting, and strengthening the neighborhood. GPNA annually sponsors the Grant Park Tour of Homes and the annual themed party called MothBall. GPNA holds a general meeting each month to discuss current issues in zoning, preservation, transit, upcoming events, and issues in the community.

To Contact GPNA:

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The Grant Park Neighborhood Association
Post Office Box 89235
Atlanta, Georgia 30312