Neighborhood History
Landmarks of Grant Park
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Grant Park encompasses 131.5 acres of land, 100 of which were donated by Col Lemuel P. Grant in 1881 for use as a public park.
The mansion was built in 1854 by Colonel L.P. Grant, who was chief engineer for the Department of the Militia and designer of Atlanta’s fortifications in 1863.
The history of St. Paul United Methodist Church begins on Easter Sunday afternoon on April 21, 1867. On this day, a group of members from the Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church South (now Trinity United Methodist Church, located across from the Georgia State Capitol) began a mission for wounded Civil War Veterans and their families at the old Army hospital on Fair Street...
During the 1860’s, the only sentence worse than death was life in the Atlanta stockade.
The breastworks at Fort Walker are one of the few remnants of a defensive line that helped withstand the attack of the Union forces for six weeks.
The Cyclorama is home to the world's largest painting, "The Battle of Atlanta."
Famous "residents" include Atlanta's first mayor, Moses Fromwalt, golfer Bobby Jones, and author Margaret Mitchell.
Zoo Atlanta strives to inspire the citizens of Atlanta and Georgia and all visitors to the Zoo to value wildlife on Earth and to help safeguard existing species through conservation. At home in Grant Park since in 1889, Zoo Atlanta celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2014.